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September 19, 2012
Tournament Schedule

Express Staff
Saturday, Sept 22, 2012
Time Team A vs. Team B
10:05AM Galaxy Roller Rink vs. Something Slippery
10:30AM Six-pack-a-'Gansetts vs. Gulianos Bakery
10:55AM Something Slippery vs. Six-pack-a-'Gansetts
11:20AM Gulianos Bakery vs. Galaxy Roller Rink
11:45AM Galaxy Roller Rink vs. Six-pack-a-'Gansetts
1:10PM Gulianos Bakery vs. Something Slippery
1:35PM Blue Boards of Eastern Mass. vs. Something Slippery
2:00PM Galaxy Roller Rink vs. Blue Boards of Eastern Mass.
2:25PM Gulianos Bakery vs. Drunken Pirates
2:50PM Six-pack-a-'Gansetts vs. Drunken Pirates
3:15PM Shoreline Express vs. Eastern Mass. Downgrades
3:40PM Drunken Pirates vs. Eastern Mass. Downgrades
4:05PM Blue Boards of Eastern Mass. vs. Shoreline Express
4:30PM Shoreline Express vs. Drunken Pirates
4:55PM Blue Boards of Eastern Mass. vs. Eastern Mass. Downgrades
5:20PM Eastern Mass. Downgrades vs. Shoreline Express
Sunday, Sept 23, 2012
Time Team A vs. Team B
8:50AM Galaxy Roller Rink vs. Drunken Pirates
9:15AM Blue Boards of Eastern Mass. vs. Six-pack-a-'Gansetts
9:40AM Shoreline Express vs. Galaxy Roller Rink
10:05AM Eastern Mass. Downgrades vs. Six-pack-a-'Gansetts
10:30AM Drunken Pirates vs. Something Slippery
10:55AM Gulianos Bakery vs. Blue Boards of Eastern Mass.
11:20AM Something Slippery vs. Eastern Mass. Downgrades
11:45AM Gulianos Bakery vs. Shoreline Express
1:10PM White Division Seed 1 vs. White Division Seed 4
1:35PM White Division Seed 2 vs. White Division Seed 3
2:00PM Blue Division Seed 5 vs. Blue Division Seed 8
2:25PM Blue Division Seed 6 vs. Blue Division Seed 7
2:50PM White Division Final    
3:15PM Blue Division Final    

Game times are estimated. Teams are expected to be at the rink and ready to play 15 minutes prior to their start times. At the listed start time, the game clock will be started. Weather delays will result in changes to this schedule.

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Steve Lambert Memorial Tournament Accepting Team Registrations

Express mourn the loss of Steve Lambert

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September 19, 2012 - Tournament Schedule
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