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March 10, 2009
Express To Hold Reunion Game

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Express GM Ray Arnott has announced plans to hold a scrimmage featuring former Express players.  Nicknamed the "Blue/White game", it will be the second time in Express history that the team will be split in half to participate against each other utilizing their home and away jerseys.

Former members were recently interviewed about the reunion game.  Express forward Dom Marino stated "This game is going to be for fun, but they better practice in their basement even for this one."  Express Co-Captain Steve Lambert responded to the announcement with the following comment:  "Brilliant idea by Ray, but I hope that we have an ambulance on stand-by in case I go into cardiac arrest."  A couple other members who wished to remain anonymous indicated that they would prefer to stay away from Mike Scott and Jeff Christensen in fear that they may end up pregnant.  Mike had his 3rd child during the past year and Jeff has his 3rd one on the way.

Goaltender/GM Arnott got a head start over some former teammates that discontinued playing after the Express disbanded by playing two games in the Eastern Massachusetts Roller Hockey League this past weekend.  A few fans in attendance indicated that they overheard Ray complain that a couple goals were the result of dust in his eyes from his mask.

The game will be held at the Enfield Dek Park at a date and time TBD.

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