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Jeff Fribance

Jeff FribanceBirthday: June 12, 1977

Position: D

Number: 9

Hand: L

Nicknames: Frib, Fribsberg, Frib Train

Past Teams: Ocean State Wave, East Coast Daewoo tournament team, Warwick Warlocks, Rhode Island Odyssey tournament team, CT Devil Dogs (league and tournament team)

Favorite NHL Team: Boston Bruins (Colorado Avalanche a close second)

Hockey Influences: The biggest influences for me were teammates Mike Lawrence, and Mike King. Mike Lawrence showed me how to play solid defense and cut down the angles. He gave me a safety net for me to make break outs up the rink, and he'd let me know to get back quickly. Mike King showed me to never let up, and to never think someone was better than me. He also showed me the importance of leadership by example and to play physical when needed and sometimes when not.

Both are unbelievable players, but Mike Lawrence is the reason I'm playing again, I can't just sit on the side and let him keep getting better than me... Mike you are the man. (a lot of hours watching Peter Forsberg might have helped as well)

Hobbies other than hockey: Doing 24hr mountain bike races.

Little known fact: I started playing Hockey in 1996, played as a goalie for a year. Didn't actually skate out until 1997.

Favorite Color: Green

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